Thursday, May 21, 2020

How Media Has Impacted Society - 1158 Words

Young and dumb, they say! Stable and old, I say? In their view, the people who are old enough to receive their retirement funds, find that too much television can cause brain damage and all these other horrendous circumstances and oh let us not start with cell phones†¦. In our view, teenagers and young adults, find no harm is watching â€Å"too much† television and relying on our mobile devices to often. Some topics to be discussed are: Sleeper Curves, realism, linguistics, and overstated context. The point of this paper is to reflect how mass media has effected society in a positive and successful way although many people do not believe it. They, as in editor and writer Steven Johnson in Watching TV Makes You Smarter, celebrate the fact that,†¦show more content†¦In this article the author mentions â€Å"bad textiquette†, meaning that how using these abbreviated/ slang words in texting that can sometimes be altered in the way a person perceives it. Communication is a part of living, so if the communication between people whether it be via text, call, email, television ad, or etc., is not understandable the message is taken to that person who is receiving it differently than what you expect them to take it as. Using numbers, single letters, or symbols to say a whole word can sometimes help especially if there is a word limit. Also, it saves time and effort using slang. It is true that most teenagers are lazy and sometimes use slang words to be funny, but the evolution of using slang now a days has lessened in my opinion. From what I have seen on social media and through text messages, I see people using p roper language and correct punctuation. Linguistics is learned through that persons’ social environment. Lastly, I do not recommend using slang in important formal documents. Is Pop Culture Actually Good For You? Graff, Birkensein, and

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