Monday, November 18, 2019

I ork at the cardiology ward ,so i need a tital relating to the area i Essay

I ork at the cardiology ward ,so i need a tital relating to the area i work to write a 3000 word assy - Essay Example Such includes gathering adequate information on personal responsibility on promoting, protecting and preventing their exposure to the risk factors of coronary heart diseases. Coronary heart disease is deemed to have occurred in situations where the coronary arteries are clogged with atheroma or plague (fatty material). The development of atheroma is slow and occurs on the inner artery walls, which makes such walls to be narrow (Khan et al. 2012). This often regarded as the atherosclerosis process, which can start at a young age to such a time when a person attains a middle age. Narrowing of the arteries is a dangerous situation since it implies a reduction of the volume of blood, which can reach the heart muscle of a person. Research has indicated that the number one killer of men and women all over the world is the coronary heart disease (Jamil et al. 2013). However, adhering to an effective healthy lifestyle ensures that a person is able to prevent or control the development of the coronary heart disease risk factors. This is essential since most of the lifestyle that individuals adopt begin during the childhood stage. Hence, parents and families have to embrace measures, which are focused on ensuring that their children are given the opportunity of adopting the best heart healthy choices, which will contribute in lowering the risk of developing coronary heart disease. Furthermore, individuals at higher risks of developing coronary heart disease tend to live for a shorter time in comparison to individuals that are at lower risk. This indicates a need for a person to change the adopted lifestyle in case the signs of developing coronary heart disease are identified at an early stage. Cardiovascular disease is a term that is associated with a disorder that develops in the cardiovascular system. It is linked to the atherosclerosis, which is commonly referred

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