Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Culture Jamming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Culture Jamming - Essay Example Photoshop and interceptions-counter-messages. Over the years, jammers argue that they usually do not alter ad’s message but are exposing, improving, correcting or rather modifying them. A billboard artist, however, said that an excellent jam does not directly rescript a precisely different meaning but drafts the deeper message of substitute advertisement. Jamming is only a productive act if done to the right of the society; Rodriguez de Granada is an example of a jammer with the well-meant intention of the same. Jamming disagrees with marketing as a one-way conveyance of information; people should have the right to respond to images they did not ask for their display. Rodriguez de Granada , one of the founders of jamming was a highly skilled and innovative jammer. Rodriguez, a 31-year-old man, would be seen in the city of New York altering ads in broad daylight. The reason to why he was not arrested was because he would reason out with the police why he did talking them out of arresting him in a couple of incidences. Rodriguez de Granada jammed for a good course, and unlike other artists, he did not fancy the term guerrilla art but termed it as, citizen art. He believed practicing jamming in daylight was a regular mode of communicating with the society democratically. Rodriguez explains his main reason for jamming was to wipe out advertisers habit to glamorize hard alcoholic products and addictive drugs like tobacco on billboards. Ads on beer and cigarettes featured provocative models that create an enticing image in children’s mind especially those living in the ghettos felt compelled to elope. Rodriguez de Granada argued the importance o f jamming was to the culture at large. He intended his work to be a part of the community’s way of life; he wanted people to engage in his work. Children stood to watch as he transformed ads while others participated e.g. holding the ladder for him while he. He wanted

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