Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Organisational Structure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Organisational Structure - Essay Example le within the company as well as the company itself so that the end result is one on which everyone solemnly agree, that is to make the company thrive from a revenue-generating angle and image building aspect in the long run. The change in the organizations’ strategies as well as structures guarantee that the company is present and willing to do more than just provide products and services to the end consumers. It wants to make the people realize that the company is there and wants to do its very best by tailoring its strategies in such a manner that can only benefit them nonetheless. After all, a company or an organization without the target people is nothing more than an office set up with employees and employers working for no one, at the end of the day. Organization is a body of working people, having various types of persons with heterogeneous behaviors interlink with corporate goals and objectives. This cluster of people is grouped in different categories according to their working importance, caliber and productivity at various hierarchical levels. â€Å"The established pattern of relationships between the component parts of an organization, outlining both communication, control and authority patterns. Structure distinguishes the parts of an organization and delineates the relationship between them†. (Wilson and Rosenfeld, 1990) Functional OS divides the whole company people and departments into various functions they performed. This type of structure is focused on specialized divisions of workers and employees, hierarchical positions, impersonal rules of management and impersonal relations. Functional Have two types in practical form: Flat Functional Structure, also labeled as horizontal or broad structure, has many people at top level with various departments working under them. This type is typically bureaucratic style of business having complicated procedures and many people involved at various levels. When this structure flows down, one person

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