Thursday, August 8, 2019

Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Interview - Essay Example A person learning nursing informatics is solely in charge of computer science, information science as well as nursing science. He or she is supposed to assist in bringing applications information, nursing knowledge and data into the nursing field. Additionally, the upcoming domain of nursing informatics merges the nursing, computer and information sciences to generate a contemporary solution to the challenges facing the health care system overall and particularly nursing (Staggers & Thompson, 2002). This paper looks into the background, qualifications, experience, roles and responsibilities as well as challenges facing nursing informatics specialists. It presents reliable information obtained by interviewing a professional who holds an active nursing informatics specialist position. This interview was over the phone and it involved Mr. Youssef Maalouf, a Nursing Informatics Specialist at King Faisal Special Hospital and Research Centre in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Youssef Maalouf is a Lebanese born Canadian Citizen who had worked in Canada and the United States for a number of years prior to moving to Saudi Arabia. Professionally, he began working as a Computer Application Nurse, and then worked as a Nurse Systems Manager before he attained his current position of a Nursing Informatics Specialist. He holds an MBA in Hospital Administration and Informatics. Regarding qualifications, Mr. Maalouf said that for persons to be eligible to become nursing information specialists, they should hold at least a Bachelor degree of Nursing and if possible a masters degree or higher standing. In addition to the degree requirement, Mr. Maalouf said that the American Nurses Association also provides a Nursing Informatics Clinical Nurse Specialist certification, which particular services might need. However, in order to work in the nursing informatics domain, most systems require people to hold a masters degree in nursing informatics or in an associated field, for instance

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