Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Henry Tam and the MGI Team Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Henry Tam and the MGI Team - Essay Example Henry and Dana viewed themselves as leaders and facilitators in shaping the vision of the company but Sasha perceived them as interns and business plan writers. Confusion was also evident when Sasha introduced Dav to the team. He brought Dav to the team without consulting anyone hence this made Henry doubt his intentions and wonder if both the HBS students and Dav were used as ploys to enter the business contests. There were bigger problems in the norming stage since the team had not discussed the values and norms to be followed. At this stage, the team lacked cohesion as Henry and Dav were disagreeing with Sasha and Roman was disagreeing with the Russians. Dav and Henry also argued that the brainstorming meetings were too lengthy and ineffective while the others disagreed. The team did not divide its task (was to come up with a business plan for MGI) into subtasks hence they were not able to accomplish their goal. This is evident from the case study since they were not organized and there were no determined specific outputs from each person or meeting. The team was also divided into main group and subgroups. The main group was made up of the three founding members and the other members formed the subgroups. The members did not clearly define the roles of each group hence there was no integration between the main group and the subgroups. The team was very much disorganized since there was no team leader officially appointed to define the roles of each individual, take the responsibility of decision making and evaluate the performance of the team. There were no values and norms set by the members and they did not develop a good working culture at the beginning. This caused a lot of conflicts among them as the team members were not able to communicate effectively. First of all, the team had a product that had the potential to do very well in the market. They had an idea of what they wanted to sell.

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