Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A comprehensive business plan for a new start-up venture Essay

A comprehensive business plan for a new start-up venture - Essay Example The head quarters is expected to be run by a total of 5000 employees comprising those in the production unit, assemble plant and various positions of marketing. Each distribution shop is expected to have 3 shopkeepers. The mission of the company is to become the gateway to academic success for students at all levels of education in the UK, especially those at the pre-tertiary level who hardly have any opportunity of owning their own Tablet PCs. The company’s business composition comprises three major aspects of work, which are production, marketing and servicing. For each of these components of business, the company has different capabilities, which are spread across different stages of the company’s lifeline. These are briefly summarised in the table below Different components of business are expected to be made up of different personnel in terms of numbers, qualification, job type, and job description. There shall however be no specific requirements by way of gender. The table below outlines the number personnel and qualifications needed for each component by timeline of the company. The three major components are going to be managed by different hierarchies of managers, administrators and supervisors. The hierarchy is needed to make the practice of organisational reporting easier and free flowing. The chart below gives an overview of the organisational hierarchy to be in place at the workplace The product named Slate is a basically an academic Tablet PC. This means the product can be described from two major perspectives, which are academic and Tablet PC. The academic component is simply made of both pre-installed and customised educational tools. The pre-installed educational tools focus on school based syllabus for different courses at different stages of education. At the secondary level for example, there will be syllabus on courses such as Biology, Geography, Home Science, etc. The tablet component is basically a

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