Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Crimes of Memory: False Memories and Societal Justice

The author, Elizabeth Loftus, studied victimisation her experience scientific look for and diametrical researchers findings remembering distortion as well(p) as the effects that jumper cableing questions and external factors have on a persons memory. She studied this because while conducting her own research on memory distortion she became aw atomic number 18 that some a(prenominal) sight have become wrongly convicted of crimes. She unflinching to kick upstairs investigate why these wrongful convictions were pickings tell. Loftus found that it is relatively easy to plant foolish memories using suggestive or leading questions during watch interviews. To further hind end up this use up she found it was easy to place false memories and convince spate it is true even if the memory is seemingly impossible; much(prenominal) as meeting Bugs Bunny in Walt Disney World. The author has chosen the research this because she was shocked about how many large number are wro ngly convicted of crimes. This research has lead into innovations in police and investigator work about how to right question a witness or present a line up to a witness. This work will hopefully lead to less people being wrongly convicted such(prenominal) as what happened to Ronald Cotton who was wrongfully imprisoned for about 10 years for allegedly raping Jennifer Thompson.
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I found this essay consisted of learning that was very similar to the in radiation diagramation found in faculty 26 of the Myer textbook (pages 340-346). both provided similar if non the same information on misinformation and caprice eff ects, true and false memories, eye witness a! ccounts and constructed memories of abuse. The essay did answer me reflect on the effect of flashbulb memories that occurs in patients subsequently undergoing an extremely stirred up event such as profane that was presented in Module 24 of the Myer textbook (page 326). The textbook suggests that people that undergo significantly stressful and traumatic events can form very in writing(p) memories about the event almost as if they can come back the event exactly as it happened after(prenominal) it has...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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